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While I ponder my next career move I [naturally] find myself looking back at previous roles and ventures… and assessing them — kindly for the most part — for what they taught me about this industry and my place within it.

03tilt website screen shot

Very early version of my studio, 03tilt’s website.

I feel cathartic but also have a strong sense of my mounting brio as I review my achievements, retool my portfolio, and have mutually persuasive conversations with start-ups about the next big thing.

Meeting new people with ingenious ideas, gaining insights into new businesses, markets, and product spaces has me bristling with excitement.

Helping to bring start-ups out of the design and customer experience wilderness is what I love to do and is what I do best:

SugarSync 2.0 beta takes on Dropbox with modern design and iDisk-like virtual drive…  a minimalist and centralized new design…  A handsome black, green, gray, and red color palette adorns the new app from head to toe…   the new app is breathtakingly modern  – The Verge

a fresh new interface…  – The Next Web

…dramatically overhauled and simplified user interface   – Macworld

I’m looking forward to my next challenge.


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