Avalanche magazine covers

Artist Magazines + Ephemera

Saw some great works in this show at 871 Fine Arts in SF – here’s an excerpt from the curatorial statement:

It’s really difficult to successfully show printed works as opposed to strictly visual works of art in a gallery setting. You either have a choice of showing the cover or opening up to an inviting interior page, leaving the rest unseen. It’s the same whether you’re showing artists’ books, periodicals, exhibition catalogs, correspondence or other published ephemera. They are best perused in a comfortable position, at ones leisure, thumb to page. That said, printed matter is an integral part of a comprehensive artistic experience and a highly interesting aspect to boot. So despite the drawbacks of display, the attempt to highlight these materials goes on, and from my viewpoint, it is most welcome…


Cover image from Spanner NYC (with green highlight)


Bronze brutalist sculpture


Artist ephemera

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