Some of my recent posts from Instagram — I’m focussed on selecting inspirational imagery rather than camera uploads…

Photographic mage of a hand



Matta-Clark: Building cut-outs, NYC


…philosophical instantiations probing a range of ideas—site-specificity, the ephemerality of art, presence and absence, life and death, being and nothingness and on and on and on—they also, in hindsight, seem to be about the texture of New York City as it was then. – STATION TO STATION


Android close-up from Metropolis


Still from the film Solaris

#Solaris – BWV 639


Scene from Orson Welles' The Trial

The Trial (1962)
#OrsonWelles #Kafka





Profiles of Scottish band, Josef K



Julie Christie, still from "Petulia"

#JulieChristie “Petulia”
‘…set against the mid-sixties San Francisco scene’

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