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Hello I’m Neil, a San Francisco based designer specializing in product, and brand identity design.

I help startups realize a product vision by partnering with decision-makers and their teams to define shared goals, success metrics, and execution strategies.

Born and bred in Scotland I moved to San Francisco when the Internet was heralding the kind of social and business change that happens once in a lifetime (if you’re lucky).

Occupying design leadership roles at many early interactive agencies (Ikonic, iXL, Framfab, Razorfish, etc.) I helped create unique products for a generation of clients forging success in a new era.

I also fell in love with the startup scene, joining several high profile companies–such as Quokka Sports and the Convergence Media Group, that were shaping the new technology landscape–before starting my own successful design studio, 03tilt.

By now I have worked on literally hundreds of products, from early, experimental sports media and social networking applications (Quokka/NBC Olympics, LevisMusic) to re-envisioning music sharing legend Napster, and defining a smart device content portal for Sony.

Most recently, as design lead at a group of very worthy start-ups I helped create product experiences in markets such as: consumer cloud services (SugarSync, acquired by J2 Global), education technology (StudyBlue, still privately owed), customer analytics (Preact, acquired by Spotify), crowdsourcing/talent marketplace (Appirio/Topcoder, acquired by Wipro), and consumer energy (Choose Energy, acquired by Red Ventures).

I am currently a product design consultant, my clients include: ModCloth, Palm Agent, Venture Scanner, and StealthForce.

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