Topcoder - website concept hero


Creative Direction, Product Design

“Unbalance in order to rebalance…”

Sequoia-backed Topcoder (part of Appirio) is a design and development, crowdsourcing platform with a million plus members globally, working on projects for companies such as IBM, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Deloitte, and eBay.

Appirio / Topcoder was acquired by Wipro.


Problem, limitations, solution

Lack of platform cohesion both in terms of user experience and brand identity. Multiple audience segments (developers, designers, data scientists), internal voices, and related concerns among clients/partners.

Newly formed product, design, and dev teams, generally high expectations (investors, board, management), extremely short runway.

Push the limits of what the platform could be by creating a conceptual narrative around the desire for major change. Root this in an executable design approach that would deliver a result on time and allow for the integration of community feedback.


Product design concepts

(Background images by Peter Saville.)

Topcoder - home concepts

Topcoder - screen concepts 01

Topcoder - dashboard concept



A stylistic template for recurring and evolving icons.

Topcoder - iconography


Design iterations and directions

The core product sections was rendered in several variations based on feedback from the team.

Topcoder - profile iterations


Final direction

Member profile.

Topcoder - member profile


Navigation device, section architecture.

Topcoder - navigation structure


Personal metrics view.

Topcoder - profile details


Member dashboard.

Topcoder - member dashboard