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Product, Ux, Visual Design

Marketplace redesign for desktop and mobile.

Choose Energy is the leading retail energy marketplace where you can shop for the best electricity and natural gas products for your home or business.

The company’s approach is transforming a 100 year old market worth over $1.5 trillion.

Choose Energy was acquired by Red Ventures


Problem, limitations, solution

Deliver accurate shopping results; make those results easy to digest, understand and compare. Create a trustworthy shopping experience that is compelling and rewarding.

Limitations were multifaceted — resources, timing, real concern about impacting the conversion rate negatively, even momentarily (as is very often the case with major design changes).

Fostering a shared vision supported by qualitative data, implementing experience/Ui changes incrementally and A/B testing to gain quantitative insights.

Results included, significant increases in conversion rates, greatly improved product experience (branding, Ux, Ui) which in turn led to higher levels of trust amongst customers and suppliers.


Desktop app

Meticulous iteration, research, and testing helped us evolve new design options to express the shopping experience.


Choose Energy - plan results


Revised design

Choose Energy - revised-desktop


Energy plan details (overlay)

Choose Energy - desktop design


Customer profile

Experimenting with profiles helped us understand some of the potential ways to extend the value of the customer relationship.


Choose Energy - customer profile


Mobile app

Conversion rates were very low on mobile, despite respectable traffic. Applying what had been learned from the work done on the desktop app, the experience was completely redesigned, re-engineered, and relaunched.


Choose Energy - mobile app


Design sprint for mobile

This process allowed us to tackle a cross-section of challenges with a diverse and committed team. In-depth prototype testing in contrasting markets resulted in a successful product relaunch (+65% conversion rates).


Choose Energy - sketches


Prototyping for mobile

High and low fidelity prototypes were used in testing.


Choose Energy - prototype

Choose Energy - mobile prototype


Customer behavior mapping

Illustrating essential insights about the decision-making processes of the audience were used to support design proposals.


Choose Energy UX chart