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Product, Ux, Visual Design

Science Makes Customer Success Simple

Preact’s data science makes it easy to decode customer behavior, so you can reduce churn and drive revenue with precision.

Preact was acquired by Spotify.


Problem, limitations, solution

The product experience was expressing an early, limited version of itself: difficult on-boarding, overly complex patterns and flows, weak Ui design.

Limitations centered around establishing effective design and execution processes within the team.

Established product design best practices, such as customer interviews, cross-functional team critiquing, decision-maker exploration sessions, prototyping, A/B testing.


Main product Ui

Web app design comp

Web app design comp

Web app design comp

Web app design comp


Mobile view

Web app design comp


Chrome plug-in with mobile adaptation

Sidebar implementation comp


Ui style guide

Web app design comp


Planning sketches

Web app design comp


Workflows feature

A new feature that would allow Customer Success Managers to use Preact to create day-to-day interactions with their customers.

Web app design comp

Web app design comp



We collected feedback from external and internal clients.
Research post it notes



Sharing initial thoughts about the experience solution.
Research notes


Ux mapping

Collaborating on some of the core challenges.
Whiteboard sketch



Testing ideas and assumptions.

HTML prototype screen shot

HTML prototype screen shot



Web app design comp

Web app design comp

Web app design comp

Web app design comp


Product on-boarding

Initial design concepts that played with updating the visual design as well as creating the user experience.


Ui comp 04

Ui comp 01


Existing brand parity

Ui comp 07

Ui comp 08

Ui comp 09


Design implementation workflow

Desktop visual

Sketch for UI


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