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Consulting, Brand Identity & Product Design

Complete redesign of company products and services.

Through Venture Scanner, our customers research the categories that make up a startup sector, learn about the companies within categories, and analyze funding and operational data.

Our analyst team has spent years building and continuously updating our startup research platform.


Problem, limitations, solution

Venture Scanner needed to evolve their brand and user experience in order to fully communicate the superior nature of the product and to better differentiate from competitors.

Because the decision-making team was small and needed to stay focussed on critical business functions, finding the right balance of speed and thoughtfulness was critical.

By orchestrating well planned input (e.g. mood boards, work sessions, design presentations, etc.) at the beginning, and continuing throughout the engagement I was able to accurately deliver the results the company needed.



A critical part of the lead capture and conversion process, we A/B tested several variables and versions.

Venture Scanner website


Startup Sectors

Each of the 15 sectors has its own place on the website–also designed to capture leads and drive conversion. These sections were differentiated by unique use of color, imagery and iconography.

Venture Scanner sectors


Venture Scanner sectors



Logo Mark

Used primarily for marketing channel identification.

Venture Scanner mark




Venture Scanner logotype



Sector Iconography

Each sector had a unique icon, color combination, and imagery. These are carried throughout all the marketing materials.

Venture Scanner iconography


Example Imagery

VS sector imageryVS sector imagery



Product UI

The product experience was redesigned to solve core challenges such as navigation, data taxonomies, information display, and general flow. The new brand identity was also integrated.

VS Product UI

VS Product UI

VS Product UI

VS Product UI